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Twitter has become one of the most popular forms of communication in the world. Twitter is up at the top when in comes to social websites. Twitter is a fun experience, and if you buy instagram followers, or buy twitter followers your experience will be that much more enjoyable. You will be able to respond to tweets, and retweet what your fellow twitter followers tweet. And although at first Twitter may leave you scratching your head, not to worry the following twitter tools will explain just exactly how it works and give you a better understanding of this ever so popular social website. So with that being said let’s get started!

#hastags, There are a number of Twitter tools and the most popular, or most well known among them is the #hastag, this tool allows you to keep up with hot topics, what is trending and what people are talking about. If you have a product to endorse, or something to say then say it with a #hashtag.

TweetDeck, used for sorting tweets via categories using keywords, topics, etc.

Twitter Karma, This feature allows users to determine which people are following and which arent and can seperate the two into two groups.

Qwitter, is a tool that allows you to know when and what tweet has stopped the follower from following you.

Twitoria, allows you to know what follwers are not active amongst your followers.. it can track from 1 week, to a year.

Tweepler, a tool used for ignore, for those followers that you choose to ignore.

TweetSum, is a tool for rating your new followers.

‘Douche bag index’ this tool is used for unwanted followers. Unwanted followers are known as tweeps.

TwitterHolic, this tool is to find popular Twitter users.

TweetBeep, a tweebeep app is a notification indicating when your name is mentioned in a tweet.

Twubble, is a tool that scans your followers list for ideas on networking and also allows you to suggest networks.

GroupTweet, a tool generally used for business’s allows you to send tweets to groups of people at the same time. It is also used to message friends. Twitzu, and FlashTweet are a couple for tools offered by twitter.

Twitter offers many other tools to guide you through the ever so changing social network. The best way to make your social networking more enjoyable is to open your account, and take a look around, and don’t forget to tweet!


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